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Photo-Gallery - and
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Some pictures from the early 80:ies

Pictures of the 1986 and 1987 line-ups

Pictures of 1986-87 Norway tours

Pictures of from the Umeå University 40:eth anniversary

Pictures from the Blues
festival at Norbyskär
August 2005-08-13

Pictures from Rock
in Umeå
June 2006-06-03

Pictures from The Bluesfestival
at Folkets Hus in Umeå
Sept 2008-09-27

Pictures from restauran Balder
in Umeå
Sept 2009-04-25

Pictures from Sjöbris
in Umeå
Sommertime sometime

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Check these four links at YouTube
The band leader on stage
with Johm Mayalls Bluesbreakers
on the big stage at Berns Salonger
Stockholm. Sunday 2008-07-20